Cd audio cable types?

Probably a dumb question but,I know of digital and analog audio but I have always use a cd audio cable that connected into the sound card. Now I get this Toshiba xm-6201b and the audio connection is different on the cdrom. I have never used this be for. it only has 2 pins in it?

new update I got a cable for 2.00 at Norvac.
There are a couple different types I found out. Thanks everyone

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You probably need a new soundcard that supports a digital input - eg the SoundBlaster Live. If the drive is a DVD drive, you can probably connect to the controller card, but these cards are going out of fashion with faster PC’s anyway


You don’t need a new soundcard. You need a new cable though. There’s usually 3 types of connectors. One being digital, and then there’s a couple of different ones for cables. I have dealt with both of them, the MX300 and the Live have different ones.

Just go down to your local computer place and check for cd rom/sound card cables.
They will probably run you around 10 bucks, unless you know someone that works for a store or they give you a good deal on them.