CD artwork downloads?

Someone was telling there was a website somewhere that had the CD jewel case artwork for almost any band you could think of.

This of course would come in handy if you had the music tracks to make a CD, but you needed the original artwork for the CD jewel case.

Anybuddy know where this is on the .nEt?

You mean like here

I think…I’ll check it out and see if I can find some of the covers I’m needing.

Thanks., I think this is a good lead!

So, are these albums that you’ve acquired, but don’t have the original covers to scan? does not host an audio cd archive. they used to, but were required to take it down due to copyright issues. their forums are very helpful in getting audio cd covers though…and the site is simply the best for dvd covers as well! - but I’m not sure about audio covers?

woops i knew that :doh:

I made a trade with someone and my cd had the original inserts, but the CDs I traded for did not.

That’s not a fair trade! Mind you, if the CDs are really good…:wink:

What I got is out of print and can’t be found…except for occasionally on ebay for $75 to $100!

I like alot of old metal from the mid to late 80s, up into the mid 90s.
Some of this stuff gets re-issued, but some doesn’t.

I’m thinking that somebody should come up with a website where you can purchase old songs and/or old albums and download them to burn yourself.

I’m sure that many of the companies that own the rights to some of the older stuff would like to make some money without having to invest anything like they would have to do to re-issue old albums on CD.

It would be a cheap way for them to profit from the music they have rights to with no upfront money being put out on their part.

In fact, it’s stupid that this isn’t already happening!

I remember someone quoting a site where you can do that… but anyway did you find your cover? if you didnt post the name and ill have a look :slight_smile:

Yep. I found it. Thanks…

Seems like ASCAP, or BMI, or some company that is well connected with the music industry would start something like this and look up all the old bands out there and let 'em know they could make a buck.

It’s bound to be cheaper than producing and re-issuing old music.
Just a thought…I’ll write my congressman, or congress animal (whatever they are these days)

Would be a Good Idea Rockrz and If I remember correctly there is a Web site some were on the world wide Web that sells old songs that are out of print. Your best bet finding them would be to find the bands you are interested in and see if they have a Fan Club Web site. They would know more on where the Bands out of print music is available.

These days they are and called a lot of @$*%&% things :slight_smile: !!! But because this is a public forum I think the term Animal is the safest and best to use :)!!!

Yeah, the south side of a north bound pig :clap: :iagree: :doh: :Z :rolleyes: :eek: