CD Architect Rendering?

Hi guys,
Newb here. Here’s my dilemma:

I use CD architect v5.2c to create mixes for my friends. Only just recently the CD burner on my laptop went to sh*t. I still have all of these unburned mixes on my computer that I’d like to share.

Is there any way of just exporting the information into an mp3 or wav format so I can just zip it up and email it to people? I know that when you burn you have the option of creating a CD Image file, which I assume is temporary and gets deleted as soon as the process ends. Is there any way of keeping that image file? Does anyone know where that image file gets stored? I can’t seem to find it.

Are there any better options beyond getting my burner fixed/getting a new one/transferring all of the files via flash drive and trying it out on someone else’s computer?

Thanks for any and all advice you can give me!


OK, so I’ve already solved step one of my problem:

So I opened my mix and then went to Options–>Preferences
and when the box popped up it was already on the right tab
I took note of the assigned “temporary files folder” at the bottom of the box.

So I opened that folder in explorer (windows wouldn’t let me navigate to the folder so I had to copy and paste the address into the address bar)

Then I went back to architect and clicked the burn disc icon. (i put a store-bought cd in my useless burner just so it would let me go through the motions).

I changed the burn mode to “test only” and checked “render temporary image before burning” and clicked “ok”

Then when the rendering was complete i was prompted to put a valid disc in the drive and press ok. I just left that box waiting because i assume that when you exit out of the process your temp image file gets deleted.

I looked in the destination folder that I had opened earlier and sure enough the image file was waiting for me. I just copied and pasted it into a different folder, waited for the transfer to finish, and finally let the architect prompt window know that i had just fooled it.

now i’ve just got to figure out a way to turn this huge .dat file back into sound files, which is probably easier than what i just went through.

If anyone has a simpler solution please post it. This is all I could figure out.

Even though my copy of architect was legally obtained and all of the music in my mixes was made by me and my friends, I still feel like I’m somehow violating copyright law by tricking software into doing something it wasn’t designed to do. It’s a nice little nerd-thrill.