CD and Track titles

Just bought a vehicle that has a “text” button for the CD player, cool.

So, when I put in a CD that I burned, no titles come up.

Is there anything I can do for this to happen?

Could you have burned it without CD Text.


Ok. I can agree with that.

So, lets start again.

I am a newbie.

How do I burn a CD with CD Text? What programs do I need? What equipment do I need? Can this be done with the programs/equipment I presently have? What are the questions a newbie should ask? How do you make a newbie fell comfortable in a forum you love so much?

So, I hope somewhere I have asked a semi-intelligent question so that I might get an intelligent answer.


Newbie Sam

For a free app Burrrn ( is good. Does CD-Text, on-the-fly conversion from mp3 and loads more.

It really depends on how you do it.

If you copy CDs to play in the car then that might not work as a lot don’t have CD-Text. To get round this you can rip them from the CD with Cdex (free) - to mp3 or wav format, no quality loss with the latter - which can then look up an online database & get the track details.

Then burn with your favourite app, mine is Roxio’s Creator Classic. This always gives me CD-Text with mp3 or wav format tracks. Note that burrrn won’t pick up the track titles from a wav format track, but with mp3 it’s fine.

Nero will do this also , supposedly, but I’ve never got it to work properly.

That’s how I do it, so what have you currently got?

Btw you also need a burner that’ll do CD-Text but mostly they do so shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi Sam,

first of all, welcome to the forums. :smiley:

Please don’t get angry… reading your first post, your level of knowledge of the subject was not clear. The [I]Audio Forum[/I] is not the [I]Newbie forum[/I]. :wink:

It’s quite common to give, if possible, a short answer to the problem, and to expand it at a second stage if required. This generally saves time and allows to help more people (answering more questions), there is no “bad intent” in that.

Regards, :slight_smile:


Must admit I didn’t detect anything in Sam’s reply.

What program and CD drive are you using right now? Nero can do it…