CD and HDs disappeared


I have come accross a strange problem lately. All of a sudden, the hard disk and CD is disappearing under the XP. In the past,the system has been stabe. I have used the trick of deleting the ‘Upper Filter’ in the register and the problem remains. Also, I have turned off system restore before this problem so I could have no way to restore to the previous optimal condition.

In the device manager, the error code is 12 for the IDE controller. I am prepared to do a XP repair and if some one can share me some of his experience before this last step, I would be much appreciated.

By the way, I can see the CD and HDs under Vista (dual boot). Therefore, I dont think it should be the cable or PSU problem.



The error code can be manufacturer dependent (your machine and/or BIOS).
As you say it doesn’t show the same problem under Vista there is something wrong with your XP and it is not a hardware problem, almost for sure. If it was the device would have the same problem when running a dif OS.