Cd and dvd stickers



Apologies if I am in the wrong area…just a question about the easiest way to print out some professional labels to stick onto cd’s and dvd’s after burning, and also to print out
for the cases please?
Many thanks
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you might want to read this b4 you put labels on your media…


Better to use the Printable disc than labels.


Thank you to your kind replies…I will investigate this further…appreciate it.


I liked the prices here;

I did a bunch of adhesive DVD lables few days ago. Seems they print with InkJet cuz it came out nice and shiny. I was pretty satisfied.


NEVER try and peel a label of a CD-R if you do, it may never work again and you will be left with a see through disc! (it takes the reflective layer off!)


Welcome Angie… You will find very few people who have anything good to say about putting labels on cd’s and dvd’s. Either looking into injet printables, or Lightscribe.


Thank you so much to the kind replies to my question. Never thought it could cause so many hassles and looks like I need to be very careful how I go about it.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.
Angie :slight_smile: