CD and DVD Scanning Drives - Which Should I Choose?

Hello All,

I am not sure if this is the correct forum so mods please move if appropriate:

I have available to me the following optical drives:

Lite-On LTR53527S CD Writer
Lite-On SHM165P6S DVD Writer
Benq EW164B USB2.0 DVD Writer

I have a large archive of media, mostly CDR80 (Verbatim and TY) and DVD+R/DVD-R (Verbatim, HP and TY) that I want to do some quality and transfer rate scanning on a random sample of disks and then test these disks every 6 months or so to try and keep a handle on the state of my media (Having been burnt by Ritek G05 in the past) I plan on using CD/DVD Speed to carry out the tests.

Unfortunately the EW164B will not do quality scans etc as the bridge chipset used by Benq (ALI I think) will not allow this and gives the infamous “Parameter Invalid” error. I am therefore left with by 2 Liteys and will use the SHM165P6S for DVD testing. My question is which should I use for CDR C1/C2 testing? The CD writer or the DVD writer. I have looked through various threads and have seen conflicting advice and in initial tests the C1 error levels I get from the same CDR on the different drives are significantly different.

I would be grateful for any advice from anyone who has done a lot of CDR testing. The other issue is one of what is an acceptable level of C1 errors on good (Verbatim or TY) media. I have been told elsewhere that:

C1 Max < 50
C1 Average < 10
C1 Total < 5000

Is a good benchmark. Does this seem reasonable ? I am OK with DVD testing having done lots of this and read the many interesting and informative threads on this matter. I have never doen any CDR testing so am not sure of what is good/bad or ugly :slight_smile:

I’d choose the CD burner.

As Drage has mentioned many, many times, LiteOn DVD burners are next to useless for CDR scanning (I bought a couple of BenQs for exactly that purpose).

Couldn’t tell you about “acceptable” C1 errors though - I’m just happy if I see no C2 :bigsmile:

The best choice for CD scanning between your available drives would be the LiteOn CD Writer IMO. As Arachne said the LiteOn DVD Writers are almost useless for scanning CD media, and your BenQ drive doesn’t want to scan.

Forget about the C1 total because that is proportional to the average (given the same amount of data). The Max and Average limits you list are quite reasonable. You also don’t want any C2 errors in your scan.

I’ll move your thread to the Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum.

Yes, I agree with what DrageMester and Arache have said. Been fooling around with a few old Lite-On drives I salvaged in the past few days. Both the Lite-On CD-ROM drive and CD-Writer I tested, do quality scans without problems. However, my new 165P6S gives rubbish as results when I try to do quality scans with it.

A pity about the bridge board chipset in that BenQ, because the drive itself is capable of doing quality scans of CDs.

Hello All,

Thanks very much for your advice and comments. I will try the CD Writer for scanning my CDR collection and post some results when I have them.