Cd and dvd media manufacturer

How do find out who manufactured the discs in short of purchase, open and scan for i.d.? Getting stuck with unwanted media.

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Some brands (like Verbatim and JVC) are known to sell specific (and reliable) media types; other brands (most of all other stuff available in the market) can be very variable. For example, TDK sells many types of media with the same brand, and the only way to find out what you got is opening the box and reading media ID with a burner :doh:

If you are going to buy Verbatim in a local store, look for AZO on the label. Avoid the “Life Series” Verbatim disks.

In my area it is hard to find JVC disks locally. If I wanted to buy Taiyo Yuden mid codes (found in the JVC disks), I’d buy from online shops like or And if I were going to the trouble to order online, I’d get the 8x +R Taiyo Yuden disks.

I shall heed the advise, and want thank Kerry. Thanks