CD Always Skips At First Song

I am using Nero 6 and am having a strange problem.
It seems whenever I burn a disc, 100% of the time it will skip at the first song in my Sony home player.
If I then take a rag and wipe the disc surface, it will almost always play correctly.
It sounds like witchcraft, but that’s what’s happening.
Why is it always the first song, though?
Also, I burn a 16X, is this the best speed for as little errors as possible?
Is there a way to have Nero remember this setting without me having to manually select it for every disc?

Not sure there is a way to have Nero remember the speed setting to burn at–I always set it each time.

You could get an anti-static brush and sweep out the CD tray before each burn and that might help. Of course, using a microfiber cloth that’s clean to wipe the CD is a good idea to get extra dust particles off. As for why it skips that first song, I’m clueless, as sometimes skipping does occur if an audio CD is burned too fast. I would also consider buying a CD cleaner for the Sony home player you mentioned–maybe it’s an older unit and that might explain the skipping. I had an old CD unit that would do that occasionally, but had to be from age, not being too dirty (since I cleaned it regularly).

Yes, it’s very weird; the second song plays fine, but the first always skips.
After the player has warmed up a bit, then it plays fine.
This never happens with store-bought discs, though…

What do you recommend I use to clean the Sony unit?

No particular recommendation, except for that also using the anti-static brush to sweep the dust out of the standalone will negate any static charge for a while, meaning not attracting dust for a certain time. A regular CD cleaner available at Wal-mart should be fine. I got a CD with a little brush on it and just played it like a normal CD, according to the directions. However, what you indicate about the unit doing fine after it warms up tells me it’s the unit’s age, not the burned disks necessarily. IIRC, store bought discs (audio CDs pressed by a manufacturer) are made to a higher standard and are a little higher quality than you or I could burn with a burner and even good media (for example, you could wash a commerically pressed CD with warm, soapy dishwater to clean the written side, whereas you can’t do that with a CD you burn–unless you want it a little damaged).