CD 80 min equal 700MB

I wonder if someone can tell the difference between 80 min and 700MB. Because it’s funny thing, i bought 90 min CD and i recorded it full that’s about 89:55s, but when i wanted to record poorly 730MB the program said(Nero 5.5.x) it’s not enugh space on that media. Can anybody tell how many computer data not audio can be writen on 90 min CD? I see there it’s difference between audio and ‘normal’ data.:confused:

CDROM data throughput at 1x is 75 sectors per second.
Sector size for Data Mode 1 and Mode 2 Form 1 is 2,048 bytes (2 KBytes).

To find the capacity for 89:55 (in MB):

(75 sectors x capacity minutes x 60 seconds x (sector bytes / 1,024) /1024)

So: (75(89x60+55)(2))/1024=790 MB

The specification for CD’s can recognize only 79:59.74 as a maximum length. Therefore, even if you have a disk capable of almost 90 minutes it must be overburned to reach its full capacity.

First, enable and set the required CD length in the overburn settings in Nero’s File / Preferences/ Expert Settings. When the burn is started you will be warned that there is not enough space on the disk (according to the CD specification). Ignore this and agree to accept the overburn option and you should be able to burn the 730 MB with no problem with your 90 minute CDR.