CD 1:1 copy not real?


Im rather new to the whole copy thing… I just got my new liteOn LTR-52246S burner 2 days ago and have already made successful copies of safedisk 2 games… its great! im using alcohol and it reads and burns a cd in less than 5 mins! hehe much better than my old 4x TEAC burner!!!

anyway I got a simple question. If alcohol and a good liteOn burner like mine makes a identical 1:1 copy (thats why safedisk doesnt detect it) then why do I have to have the ‘hide cd-rw’ feature turned on in alcohol? If i turn it of then the safe disk games ask to reinsert the cd… so what gives?

Obviously they are not identical 1:1 copies bcos safedisk still detects thats its not the original!! Why???


It’s because of the ATIP-protection that is present on the game. This should explain how it works and why you need to hide the CD-R media: What is ATIP and how does it work as copy protection?

Ah thank you very much! So I guess the original CD-R does not hae this ATIP info, even though at one stage it too was a blank media?

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no it was never a blank cdr. the original is a pressed disc

Originally posted by slayerking
no it was never a blank cdr. the original is a pressed disc
Yep correct. All CD-R media have ATIP information, since else they can’t be written. Original discs are pressed and don’t have (and need) ATIP info.