CCNA e-Trainer

I have seen a few other questions about this CCNA CD.
I have taken the (excellent) advice.
ClonyXXL tells me that it uses ‘Safedisc alt’ and to just use Clonecd, with the fast error skip enabled.
CloneCD ( then looks like it’ll take a little under a year to read to an image file. (2% in 90 mins) The log lists unable to read sector etc etc about every 20-30 sectors.
Is this normal? Shall I go on holiday while it does it?
Also, I have had a couple of uninterruptable system freezes with Clone, Usually works ok though.
Is this a known thing?
700MHz 256Mb
Win2kpro sp2
Plextor 24/10/40A

It’s normal for some readers to be extremely slow when skipping the SafeDisc errors (yes there are errors and they’re part of the protection). The Plex 2410A should be fast when skipping the errors but I think the first firmware version (1.00) was slow. Which firmware do you use? It might be a good idea to upgrade to the latest version (1.04 I believe). ClonyXXL shouldn’t crash. Don’t know why it does. You can download a very well translated ClonyXXL version from here. I am using this version under Windows XP without problems.

By way of thanks… but more importantly to add some more info,
I upgraded the firmware as advised and now have a new image file in under 5 minutes.
I had not thought of this since I only just bought the drive last month.
Also, the crashes were with CloneCD not xxl.
they were during image reads so maybe they will stop too.
Thanks for the translated Clony, luckily I had a German speaker on hand last time.