CCleaner Updated 2.08.588

Freeware Utility that works. Like all registry cleaners you should read the instructions and only delete what you know.

Added ImgBurn cleaning.
What’s this?

I really don’t know Gummigutta, maybe it cleans the log files, I am just guessing. Maybe LUK could shed some light on this. I do know that it had no such reference in the previous versions.:confused:
[29th May 2008]
CCleaner v2.08

  • Added Startup tool enable/disable checkbox.
  • Fixed problem with Vista “low” folders being removed.
  • Improved index.dat detection on multiple scans.
  • Secure deletion improved with IE History index.dat files.
  • Added OS detection to INI files.
  • Added Vista Thumbnail Cache cleaning.
  • [B]Added ImgBurn cleaning.[/B]- Added Secure deletion to “Recent Documents” cleaning.
  • Improved Vista “Recent Documents” cleaning.
  • Fixed bug with Chkdsk chk files not being removed.
  • Added “Select all” checkbox to header of Registry cleaner.
  • Added sorting to Startup tool listview.
  • Fixed Vista 64 issue with Startup tool.
  • Added Croatian translation.
  • Minor tweaks and GUI improvements.

Does it have any effect on spybot? I noticed after cleaning with CCleaner that spybot won’t let me update I have to use teatimer to update now??

Thx Alan
I really like this proggy, been using it for a while now

If you want to keep your log files from ImgBurn then make sure you untick ImgBurn from ccleaner application tab.

Thanks Alan.

Always love to keep track of updates.

Hi xtacydima and Nemesys, I always post updates of freeware for the forum, especially if we dont have a sub-forum for the software. I also use CCleaner and like it, its a worthwhile proggie for people like us that download and delete programs on a consistant basis. LOL.:slight_smile: