CCleaner Updated 1 DEC 2008

CCleaner 2.14.763
Piriform - 2.84MB (Freeware)

CCleaner v2.14.763

[li]Added support for Windows 7.[/li][li]Improved Google Chrome support (build 0.4).[/li][li]Opera cookie management added.[/li][li]Improved Recycle Bin cleaning.[/li][li]Added a warning when cleaning Google Chrome and it’s running.[/li][li]Search Autocomplete cleaning now XP only.[/li][li]Improve file association Registry Cleaning.[/li][li]Fixed bug with context menus and excessive CPU usage.[/li][li]Fixed GUI colors on high contrast themes.[/li][li]Minor GUI bugs fixed.[/li][li]Minor performance improvements.[/li][/ul]

Thanks for the info Alan

Thanks Alan

Hey, thanks for the info Alan.
CCleaner is a great little utility.

For freeware, you cant beat it.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanx to… alan1476 for tip on update re ccleaner… Jolly-Roger

You all are very welcome.:wink: