CCE Watermark Removal



Hey, I am a total newbiw to burning a DVD from a DivX file, but your guide is awesome!!! :slight_smile: The problem is that I use subtitles, which get covered by the watermark from CCE. Is there another program I could use? I tried ticking off the box for that other encoder QuEnc, but wheen I tried to encode the file, it gave me an erroe saying it couldn’t do that, so I ended up using CCE.

Also, if I have 2 files and want to join them, can I do so even if the total file size is about 8GB? ( which is obviously more than the 4.74 a regular DVD R holds? If it’s possible, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:


YOu could use TMPGenc instead of CCE, but expect to more than double the encoding time and a slightly lower quality IMHO. You need to use an early version of QuEnc if I remember correctly, around ver 0.54 I think. Even then I think there are still problems.

“Also, if I have 2 files and want to join them,” - sorry I’m not a mind reader, what sort of files ? Are they AVI’s, MPEG’s, etc ?


the 2 files i have are AVI. I want to make them into 1, and burn it on 1 DVDR. The problem is that their total size is about 8gb


It doesn’t matter. You could make a 120’ VCD (352x240/288) movie 54 GB long (choosing ‘no compression’ in the AVI builder. It just depends on the compression algorythm used in making the AVI)!!!
It’s the DVD mpeg-2 final size which matters and, usually, it depends by the movie length and some bitate settings for the encoding. Ususlly a 155’ movie fit on a DVD (it depends on the bitrate setting you use to encode the movie to mpeg-2, but, averagely…)


Hi backwhacker,

What I would suggest is first re-encoding the files to another format(avi using Virtual Dub/ mpg using Tmpgenc) in order to reduce the file size and then making the DVD( obviously assuming that the total time of the result avi is less than 3 Hours.

See the guides for the next step in authoring The DVD’s from the avis.

Hope this helps.


I’ll give that a try and see what happens…Thanks a bunch!