CCE SP settings recommendation


I’ve never dealt with NTSC so far, but now I’d like to burn a NTSC movie (DivX 5.0, 320x540, 29.971 frames/sec. aspect ratio 4:3) to DVD which then will be displayed on a PAL widescreen (16:9) TV. Can some of you out there share your experience and recommend CCE SP (version settings for best viewing quality (no file size restrictions)?

many thanks in advance for any feedback.

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16:9 is only possible on DVD with full resolution: 720x576 for PAL.
Bitrate should not exceed 8500.

More info at and

You want to create a 720x576 DVD movie starting from a 320x540 file? Are you a wizard? A suggestion: make a SVCD (480x576) movie. This seems more reasonable. And if you author it with DVD Lab, you can put a SVCD movie in a DVD, if you want to avoid the ‘room problems’ that 80’ CD-R (max = 800 MBs of movie) have…