CCE Question

Is there any other programs that let you use cce, besides dvd rebuilder?

Depends what it is you want to input. For DVD backups DVD2DVDR and DVD Rebuilder are the only ones I know of.

Ben :slight_smile:

Give a look at this.

the most popular frontends for CCE are probably dvd-rebuilder and dvd2dvd. these two alone should cover the capabilities of any other frontend that uses CCE.

cool, ill go check out DVD2DVDR then.

just so there’s no confusion, DVD2DVD and DVD2DVDR are two different and unrelated frontends. i prefer DVD2DVD myself.

Another program that uses CCE is DVDREasy, does main movie only. Very good IMHO.

DVD2SVCD = DVD2DVD when in dvd to dvdr mode for those that are totally confused. Check out

The FilmMachine also uses CCE, but thats for AVI to DVDR only, not dvd to dvdr.

yea thx for clearing that up, every time i typed dvd2dvd in google it kept coming up with dvd2svcd. i couldnt find it anywhere :frowning: