CCE mosquito noise

I was wondering if there is a way to minimize the mosquito noise that CCE introduces into some encodings.

I’m using DVDRB and CCE 2.70. I don’t want to blur the movie like HC or Procoder do to remove noise (at least that’s what I’ve read). So I was wondering if there is anything else I can try, maybe in DVDRB’s advanced settings?

Otherwise I run DVDRB with it’s defaults, except for upping CCE to 3 encoding passes (4 in the settings menu).

You probably will get more better answers on the doom9 forums as they have a bunch of tutorials etc. on DVDRB. You could try filters with CCE (but they do blur a little bit). Also depending on how much your compressing the dvd you can choose different matrixes (The default one is very limited). Look at doom9’s forums for this.

In the event that anyone else is interested…

I did some reading today. I think what I’m seeing is not the mosquito noise that most people mention around object edges, but general noise from the original source. The movies I’ve seen this with most are older, longer movies such as Aliens, Terminator, etc.

I’m giving UnDot and Deen a try (they are two Avisynth plugins) to reduce some of the noise in Aliens. I’ll update when the copy’s finished…in about 7 hours :slight_smile: So yeah, that’ll be tomorrow night before I get it burned.

Ok, here’s some before and after’s. What do you think?

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The original isn’t that noisy nor grainy, but then this is just a few I-frames that you pick. You have to play to be able to tell. The encoded frames look brighter, and with Deen(), the image looks smoother. Deen() is a detail-killer filter which can improve compressibility. An alternative of Undot() is FluxSmoothT(7), a temporal smoother (7 being the default) and a lot faster than Undot().

I usually do comparison by playing a few sections of the clip to see if any segment need to be improved. Adjustment of vbr_bias, qual_prec, custom matrix and appropriate filter would be a good combo if needed but you don’t have to adjust all of them. Trial and error and other’s inputs and experience can help you decide which one to use. For low bitrate, I would use HC or Procoder; CCE produces more macroblocks from my experience. Sometimes, I would reencode some segments using a different encoder because they don’t look good with the current encoder I selected. Once done, I just rebuild again. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile: