CCE Freezes during Encoding Phase DVD-Rebuilder

Alright I have seen this in a few spots about how some DVD’s will cause CCE to lock up (not computer lock up) but CCE itself and will quit processing. Not sure if this is a bug in the way DVD Rebuilder is building the master ECL Script.

But hopefully someone sees this and can give some insight and fix the problem where ever it lays.

From my investigation I have found that after the prepare phase I would go into the master ECL File and find the troublesome VOB/Cell and I have found it did not set progressive/alternate_scan like the others. This mismatch is causing CCE to freeze. If someone else is having this problem please check into this.

CCE Freezes:

Fixed problem with this change

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Did CCE exit with or without any error message?


No it just freezes. It freezes always at the same spot for this particular DVD. I notice also that this problem happens 1 in 7 or so DVD’s. Even if I Re Rip the DVD it happens the same. I went through and compared all the v03 for instance items and noticed that only this particular cell / item was marked opposite (alternate_scan versus progressive.) So I thought what the heck lets switch it to match others and bingo it worked right past it no problem.

When CCE freezes, you hit cancel and it asks if you are sure you want to cancel and even if you hit Yes it just hangs there. I have to kill it via the task manager. No error of any sort seems to pop up.

I read this from the DVD ReBuilder update thread:

  • Corrected an error in which the progressive flag was not being set correctly during rebuild when “Deinterlace with Decomb” is selected. Also please note that if the input stream is already identified as progressive, the deinterlacing filter will not be added to the associated .AVS file.

This was corrected in version 0.57 and I haven’t seen any references to this since then. However, there is a post in doom9 forums that is interesting.

<click ye here weary encoder>

It is in a thread discussing an old version of “DoItFast4u!” If you read some way into the post from FMalibu it clearly states that there’s no guarantee that an mpeg2 stream will remain encoded progressive/interlaced for the entire stream. I imagine any such mid-stream switch is rare and I’ve never encountered this. Maybe the title you are trying to back up has this problem and caused ReBuilder to switch encoding modes. Sorry this isn’t a solution but thought I’d post what research I’ve done in case it may help. :slight_smile: