CCE error "mux video buffer overlow"



This error happens when I try to encode any avi files into VCD or SVCD, DVD works fine. I have the trial version of CCE SP and Basic and both gave the same error. I’m trying to encode a Divx/Xvid video. Could it be I have too many codecs installed?


CCE makes pretty crappy quality VCD, use TMPGEnc for that.

Also, suggest you get CCE ver 2.50, the last trouble free version they made. A Demo copy can be downloaded from the download section.

Also have a read of the tutorials, in particular


How about MPEG-2 DVD video? I’m trying to use KDVD’s template for CCE so i can fit 5-6 hours on 1 DVD. I like CCE because it’s fast, TMPGEnc is way way too slow for MPEG-2 conversion. Mainconcept is fast too but unfortunately does not support Avisynth or adding black orders to deal with TV overscanning.


Yes of cource CCE is fantastic for MPEG-2 conversions (SVCD and DVD).

As for KDVD templates sorry I have never tried them nor any desire to bother with them.