CCE - DVD Shrink

I have found from experience, that when shrinking a movie with DVD Shrink, the practical limit for shrinking is to about 70% of the original size. Any more than that and the picture degrades quite noticeably.

The Question: Has anybody done any tests on using Cinema Craft Encoder to determine what the approximate practical limit is?
Since it does a better job than Shrinky, I wonder if CCE could squeeze a movie even further, ie: maybe it would be practical to get say 7 gigs down to 4.7gigs whilst still retaining quality near to the original.
Has anyone tried this?


i recently did a comparison between dvdshrink and CCE, which you can find about 2/3 of the way down this page.

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i recently did a comparison…

Many thanks AZ, I thought that I had read everything on this forum. That thread must have been hiding!
What a pity that Peter McCall tried to derail the subject with off-topic comments. In other forums he would have been censured for such deliberate misbehavour.