CCE Basic encoded movie is all messed up

When I try to play a movie which I have encoded to MPEG2 with CCE 2.69 Basic, the movie is all green.
The entire movie window is green in WMP9 or MPC 6.42. PowerDVD5 wont even play it.
I have tried to load that encoded file into TMPG DVD Author but it rejects it stating that DVD compliant videos have to be 29.97 fps and not 23.976 fps. But there is no place to select between these two fps’s in CCE.
WTF ???
Any help appreciated.
BTW, I have the exact same settings as the CCE Basic guide.

What was your encoding process exactly?


Settings are:
DVD Compliant
i.e. exactly the same as the website as I mentioned earlier.
I do not really understand what you want to know???

What are you using as input? Are you frameserving via avisynth, what are you frameserving? MPEG2, AVI, ? If its MPEG2 did you use DVD2AVI or VFAPI? If its DVD2AVI what version did you use? etc…


Also, what DivX and Xvid codec (actual versions) do you have installed ? Wrong or old codec will typically give a green output. The program Pulldown.exe will convert the 23.976 to 29.97fps, all in a few minutes. If you loaded the AVI directly into CCE to do the encoding, and since most AVI’s are NOT 720x480 (ntsc) with CCE not doing any resize, then the final output will not be DVD compliant.