CCE and DTS? DVD Backups

Can someone please tell me, is there a way to use CCE to encode the video and some way of retaining the DTS audio.

I currently use DVD2SVCD with CCE and it works fantastically when backing up dvd’s and converting DIVX to DVD etc.

If the movie contains Dolby 5.1 then as usual I will include the AC3 audio but up to now I have always excluded DTS.

I realize that AC3 is way more popular and DTS audio takes up a lot of space but if I did want to backup a DVD and include it, how would one go about it,

I know alot of programs can probably do it including DVDShrink but I still want the highest quality video possible and to do that you need CCE as it is the best by far.

Any ideas?

You can include whatever sound format you want. Just make sure your equipment can play DTS.

DVDRebuilder can do this for you. Also if the DVD has large motion menus, you could offset the extra space required for the DTS track by converting the menus to stills with VobBlanker.



There is also DVD2DVD-R (just does movie only).

I prefer using menushrink over VobBlanker. Even though they are similar, I prefer MS.

I’d use Shrink in Re-author mode (and set to No Compression) to save out movie only with whatever audio & subs you want. Then run that through DVD ReBuilder. That will give you the best pic quality considering the size the dts track takes up.