CCD3610 compatible Safedisc 2 writer... more?

I just posted the article CCD3610 compatible Safedisc 2 writer… more?.

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Another way to copy SD2. for those of you that are fortunate enough to still have a CCD3610 CD, This burner writes SD2 w/o any problems (Firmware…

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OPEN THAT DRIVE! find out what chipset it uses, then we can make a table of drives/chipsets. then we know when a company (maybe plextor?) is talking shit abut chipset problems. :7

Easy, it’s a Philips. All Philips chipsets can copy SD2.

zer[]ca$hfl[]w used our newssubmit to tell us: I used my old Memorex 1622 burner and it copied No One Lives Forever fine. You gotta love the oldie but goodies. The firmware is the latest D4.0.