CCD, Yamaha F1 IEEE1394 & Win XP

I’m running Win XP Pro in Virtual PC 5 on a new Mac G4 OSX 10.2.5 I’ve used CloneCD 4.2.02 and a Yamaha F1 set on USB and it works fine. I’m trying to get the Yamaha F1 to work with Win XP in IEEE1334 (Firewire) mode. It normally works great in OSX but can’t seem to get it to work in VPC/WIN XP.

My question are:
• does CloneCD support IEEE1334?
• what do I have to do in Win XP to enable IEEE1394?

newbie to Win, thanks in advance for any help

Yes Clone CD should support it look below
CloneCD Supported Hardware

As for Virtual PC well I couldn’t say but I use (a similar product)VMware on my WinXP machine and to enable USB or Firewire you must enable it in the virtual machine properties and from their is should be enabled within the virtual machine and show up in the OS.

Check the device manager
Control Panel/
Device manager

If IEEE 1394 Bus host controller is not listed then the device is not been seen by the OS. It’s a plug & play device and works the same as USB device’s would in WinXP.

It just could be that Virtual PC doesn’t support that kind of functionality ?

Thanks for the info. I’ve checked Device Manager etc, but still no good, then I found this in the Virtual PC help faq file:

"Q. Does Virtual PC support FireWire peripherals?

A. Virtual PC does not emulate a FireWire chip. Support for FireWire hard drives is available by using Virtual PC’s folder sharing feature. Virtual PC does not support streaming video from FireWire, iLink, or IEEE-1394 video cameras."

Looks like I struck out. thanks anyway