CCD+Twinpeak or Alcohol %120 (For Securom)

Hii friends… When copying a Securom protected dicss (all versions), which method is better? CloneCD + Twinpeak or Alcohol? Or are they the same?

With both methods there will not be any cracked file, isn’t it? Will disc images be 1:1 copies of original discs? Please answer friends. Thanks for replies…

Simply try one method with a cdrw and see yourself if it works. There won’t be any cracked files in the modified image. They won’t be 1:1 copies.

Thanks kalas… Do you know any another way to make their 1:1 image in software world?..

A 1:1 image of a securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x protected “cd” is not possible because of the special media on which the securom protected programs/games are pressed.

If and only if you have an old plextor premium this method is the closest you can get.

Thank you friends. I will try your suggestions…

I’ve made a topology data with BWA Builder. It is bad, isn’t it? :rolleyes:

*Are this topology datas required for only Securom protected discs?

*Do these bwa files include only DPM datas?

*So they aren’t necessarry for unprotected discs or other protections, are it?

*For making a BWA File (for Twinpeak method): First I use BWA Builder (for BlindWrite 4) and make a bwa file. After, i load this file with BWA Builder (for BW6). (Because BW4’s BWA Builder can change read speed and BW6’s BWA Builder can show bwa file’s quality.) I don’t understand diagram. When it says "BWA File quality 100%, is it fully reliable?

Sorry for these boring questions… I’m trying to learn all of details of making a perfect images. Thanks for answers…

[QUOTE=Exthermor;2136762]Are this topology datas required for only Securom protected discs?[/QUOTE]Also for Starforce, Protect DISC (only CD) and CD/DVD Cops.

[QUOTE=Exthermor;2136762]Do these bwa files include only DPM datas?

[QUOTE=Exthermor;2136762]When it says "BWA File quality 100%, is it fully reliable?[/QUOTE]In most cases; but even when showing 100% authentication can fail.

P.S.: If your drive does better DPM with Alcohol you can also convert a MDS file to BWA with BWA Builder.
And you can also create CCD images with Alcohol; i just mention that because there are often blacklisting issues with Clone CD installed.

Thanks for reply and infotmations Terramex. I asked that because my many of original discs are CCD backups now (only crysis not). I worried how can CCD make a perfect copy withouth topology. CCD can’t read dpm as i know. Your that post means non protected discs not have dpm data, if i understand true. Thanks again…

I can’t change my image archive from now on. I want to use another image program only if CCD can’t.

If possible can you write me protection names, which CCD can and can’t make a real 1:1 copy please? I will save this and will look when every backup makings…