CCD tray standalone installer?

ive noticed autoplay has one for blindwrite…is there a way to just install the ccdtray on a computer without clonecd?

I’ve asked this before, and FP gave me instructions how. I will try searching for the thread, its quite old, or maybe he will be gracious enough to repeat the process.

As promised…

here is the thread:

and if you too lazy to click here is a copy/paste of FP instructions:

I renamed evey file in the CloneCD subdirectory to filename.??_ that is, I just changed the last char of the file extention to an underscore. That left CloneCDTray.exe. The tray starts and works except you can’t start CloneCD (of course).


Install CloneCD, but not the virtual drive
delete the child directories for “CloneCD” subdirectory
delete all files in “ConeCD” subdirectory except:


or be prepared to reinstall CloneCD in order to uninstall everything if needed.