CCD Sheep list wanted

Anybody now where I can get the latest list with supported burners for cloneCD? elby updated the list after their last version was released. They had it on, but its all gone now… and slysoft have said that they will not have such a list.

I need to now wich drives are two sheep drives…

This is only temporary.
We hope to have a more extensive version soon.

Thank you. No plextor premium there = not an updated list… I look forward to seeing a new CCD drives list! :slight_smile: I’ll have to check back later then…


I believe in the same priciple because it help me in telling people what burner to buy. Bring on a list in the help file again I do understand that ollie was in the Sh|*t fbecause of his understanding of some drive but don’t be put off by these little minded people