CCD not enough space error message

I need some help with CloneCD and the Error message it’s giving while trying to make an IMAGE FILE.
Each time I try to make an image file I get the message ERROR OPENING IMAGE.img Not enough storage available to process this command.
And I have 29 GB free.
I tried different CD to make the image file tried different CD rom to read from, tryed to store the file to different partitions, tried different settings and each time same error.
I use W2k with two NFTS partitions, my system is a AMD with 2 IBM HD setup in RAID. And my Writer is supported by CloneCD

I’m really desparate I can’t seem to find anything on this problem.
I thank you in advance:mad:

Which CloneCD version are you using?

latest version of CCD

Make sure your harddisk hasn’t got errors on it (do a check) and check your config. I’m not sure what could be the problem but it seems CloneCD can’t access the drives :confused: