CCD-Lock v1.7.2 ready for download!

I just posted the article CCD-Lock v1.7.2 ready for download!.

Finally the Beta-testing of the new CCD-Lock has ended and the program is available for download.
CCD-Lock is an ‘Easy Audio-Lock’-like tool, prior designed to create copy-protected Control-Files…

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i have a review of this protection, but in data CD’s is a perfect if you combine with a other program, cloneCD can’t copy !!!:slight_smile: where or how i can post my review ??? please email-me to

If you mail it to we would be happy to post it, considering it’s a good quality review

Hi m8, I’d be glad to get my hands on that review,too! :4

i’m also interrested :4 (i’ve also mailed you)

Thanks to everyone i send my review to everybody interested in this world of home copy protection !!!:slight_smile:

i have a idea, i put a website were i publish all my work and the works of people that work too in copy home protection i some days i post the address :slight_smile:

excuseme for my bad english :wink:

the website is :slight_smile: to view my technique

the first 15 seconds off the first track of the copy protected cd are cut off when played in my stereo. So the protection is not good :(:(:frowning:

Hi, first time I hear about that problem! Did you use the standard-settings?

Hi again, Ive checked your problem again but can’t see how that could happen - I didn’t change anything in the lead-in area so the first 15 seconds should also be playable.


happy download ok man

I need this Program

I need this program, how can i download it?