ccd-Lock protect's AudioCD's effectively!

I just posted the article ccd-Lock protect’s AudioCD’s effectively!.

ccd-Lock is a new little freeware program to protect your Audio-CD’s from being ripped or copied!

You may choose between 2 Methods on how to “mask” the Audio-Tracks (if you choose also the Disc…

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Yawn. If I can hear it, I can copy it.

:4 Only 1 Question Remains,… How do we crack the damm thing for pc? :+ (without using a pioneer cdr hifi component)

Hi Boys , still wondering why all of you are so sticked at Clone Cd , I switched ( long long time ago ) to D dump and I never had a problem copying protected cds since then !

And…best feature of d dump is that it copies everything…on the site the programmer claims that it was able to copy a cd with scratches and a drill hole too ! Once I copied a cd wich was badly recorded and you know what ? The result I had was another cd badly recorded … with th same ruined tracks…see ya !


I dont believe that being able to copy a scratched CD or even one with drill holes has anything to do with the copy program. If my burner or CDROM player is unable to read it, no copy program in the world will be able to make a good copy of the audio CD.

The DDump page doesn’t come up after the redirect page. Is the site down?

Hahaha DDump Site took a Dump. :wink:

Get DDump at

DDump is able to read the disc but it’s still un-usable on pc. The descramble option messes the sound resulting only noise. Is there program to fix the image?

Motoracer’s post sounded so much like an advert i’d almost call it spamming… :wink:

Is the site of Ccd down ? I can’t seem to open it… :frowning:

you say this as if it is a good thing (unburnabe). did anybody crack it?

I tryed to copy audio cd with clonecd, and I get cd what doesn’t run in pc… :frowning: Cd “spins” some minutes in cd rom and cd player start reading track but no sound! :frowning: I can read image but ddump and clonecd only copy “faked toc” part! I know that way it should work but I can’t believe that clonecd can’t copy this! :frowning: Anyoonw have any good results? :wink: By the way, I used rw disc to test this! good for me! :slight_smile: