Hi everyone!
Here’s my problem … i downloaded “AKAI - Spectrasonics - Heart of Asia Vol 1.rar” and unzipped with winRAR, found 3 files .CCD,.img,.sub, and tried to retrieve the data from the “.img” file cuz its the largest of all three.I know for a fact that it contains .WAV files but i still don’t know which software, can achieve this task.I used Alcohol120%,magicISO, Clone cd,ISO recorder,winISO etc . I tried nearly everything…I burnt the image on a cd but after burning the cd Windows couldn’t read the disk anymore, i just reached the point of giving up.Any expert out there willing 2 help??? please!!!
ALl i want is to retrieve the files from the image onto my hard disk

Unfortunately, we do not allow cross-posting (the posting of the same topic/issue more than once) on this forum, as users often find it quite annoying to trying to help out on an issue only to discover later that someone else has already provided the same advice earlier in one of the other cross-posted threads. :doh:

This thread has also been closed as we do not allow the discussion of working with pay content that has been downloaded freely from unofficial sources as already mentioned in this thread.