Hi everyone!
Here’s my problem … i downloaded “AKAI - Spectrasonics - Heart of Asia Vol 1.rar” and unzipped with winRAR, found 3 files .CCD,.img,.sub, and tried to retrieve the data from the “.img” file cuz its the largest of all three.I know for a fact that it contains .WAV files but i still don’t know which software, can achieve this task.I used Alcohol120%,magicISO, Clone cd,ISO recorder,winISO etc . I tried nearly everything…I burnt the image on a cd but after burning the cd Windows couldn’t read the disk anymore, i just reached the point of giving up.Any expert out there willing 2 help??? :bow: please!!!
ALl i want is to retrieve the files from the image onto my hard disk

Sorry - we cannot help you with illegally-acquired copyrighted material :cop:.

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