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Hey all if I used CloneCD “Write From Image File” and burnt the image.ccd and the disk will not work what should I do? I did every step the instructions told me. I even used a virtual drive to mount the ccd image and it will not work it just loads up the files like if you open a directory and I see the files there, I appreciate the help!


Assuming these images are not downloaded … and the instructions are a guide to backing up programs you have purchased legally…

If you have created a clone CD image, and cannot burn it, it may very well be because the copy protection structure of the disc cannot be recreated by your burner.

I will suggest that you can download Daemon Tools & mount the image as required from a CDR or DVDR & also turn on all the emulation options.

Just write the image using nero as an ISO cd/dvd and drag & drop the image. (Wouldn’t hurt to have a copy of the latest version of Daemon tools on the disc also) :wink: