CCD file & CD-Text

i have made an image of an audio CD (w/ multimedia). the original does not have CD-Text. i want the copy to have CD-Text on it. my burner can burn the CD-Text (i’ve been doing it for months now). the disk i’ve imaged has copy protection and won’t work properly in Feurio or Nero.

i thought i’d give CloneCD a shot, but haven’t been able to find anything about the CCD file itself.

any ideas?

[list=1][]If you image a disc you can’t change the content and burn it unless you know what you’re doing.[]If the original doesn’t have CD-T then why do you want the copy to have CD-T…see 1.[]what is the title of the disc and country of origin, and[]what is the protection?[]Is it the copy or the original that won’t work in nero and Feurio!?[]Only certain hardware can read a copy protected disc…[*]…which leads me to believe that you haven’t read the FAQ![/list=1]

the disc is avril lavigne. i want to copy for my disc changer which has CDText capabilities. i tried both nero and feurio. nero refuses to copy and feurio runs into errors in the latter audio tracks.

the burner is a plextor W24/10/40U connected to a dell latitude laptop 750MHz w/ 128MB running W2K. i have admin rights and can burn with feurio and nero w/o problems.