CCD errors with liteon burner



Anyone know wot this means:writing to CD failed,MEDIUM ERROR:WRITE ERROR.LOSS OF STREAMING(3:0x0c:0x09) any ideas why this comes up i was trying to copy max payne, done it the Acer ok, but would like to know wots gone wrong.
Plz help as i know this burner is capable of doing SD2 did undying before it went iffy.Thx ppl:(

Dont ask me ,i aint all there


Try another brand of cdr’s …
Medium error so…


Have tried three now,traxdata,unbranded cheapo’s +verbatim all failed.

Dont ask me,i aint all there


Hi idunno,

Had the same problem with my Liteon 12102b. Had nothing to do with the used media.

I just installed Nero which came with the burner and the latest clonecd and all problems vanished.

Don’t know if only the install of Nero helped, or clonecd or the combination of both of them so you’ll just have to find that one out for yourself.

Maybe you can report back?

happy burnings,



Actually got round to loading Nero and the drive works a treat now.Didn’t think this would work for a minute but somehow it cured my probs.
Thanks for the tip camelberry.:slight_smile:

Dont ask me,i aint all there


You’re welcome!
Glad it worked;)