.ccd/.bin/.nrg files won't burn in Nero



I have .ccd, a .bin, and .nrg files that won’t burn to disc for whatever reason. I’ve used 4 different types of blank media (HP, Imation, Sony, and one no-name) and Nero gives me a successful burn message everytime, and the data also verifies following, but when I insert the CD back in, there is “free space: 0 bytes, total size: 0 bytes.” My burner does work,a s I have burned both audio and data CDs and DVDs on them since, and they’ve all come out fine. I’ve tried the discs in a friend’s computer and there is no data then either. Lastly, I have tried 2 different burners and had the same problem, so I am convinced it is the media. (I’ve also tried blindwrite, Alcohol 120%, etc.)

I have an Artec 12x DVD-R/CD-R burner, Windows XP, and Nero version

Is there anything I can do to extract the data from these files onto my computer that doesn’t require burning, or at least can convert those files to another file type that I can try and work with? In the meanwhile I am going to look for some TDK or other good brand CD-Rs…thanks in advance.


you are using the “burn image” option. right?