CBS NBC testing the DRM waters with pay per view timeshifting

I saw this over at BetaNews and about fell out of my chair. NBC and CBS have seen that people will pay to download shows to their iPods, so now they have been busy smoking their crack pipes and have come up with a really scary idea. They have managed to talk DirecTV and Comcast cable into selling recorders that will “allow” us to timeshift content i.e. last nights shows for a buck! :Z

Then to add insult to injury, they have the gall to put a 24 hour time limit on the viewing window. I hope we do not see anyone buying these devices or it will be all over for DVD recorders and also VCR or HDD timeshifting of television. :a Timeshifting is our legal right as per the Betamax decision and they should not be allowed to take this away. I am just suspicious that this is what they are up to. All that will be left to record will be over the air broadcasts.

That’s crazy!