Cberdrive cb511d in external usb2 case

Does anyone know why my cyberdrive cb511d which is attached to my XP system via a usb2 external case appears to Nero 6.6 as a cd writer only, not a combo DVD reader/cd writer? Assistance greatly appreciated! :bow:

I would update Nero and search for firmware updates for both the combo drive and the chipset of the external enclosure…

Thanks chef,
The Nero update didn’t help and the enclosure manufacturer doesn’t offer an update for its chipsets…which is a real pain in the butt. I know that this drive is recognised correctly when inserted into a pc and connected via IDE. Do you think that moving to Nero 7 will help…also, can I still use DVD Shrink with Nero7 and have it automatically burn as it does with version 6?
Thanks for your help…from the number of replies I thought it might be a tricky problem.

I’d strongly suggest not to upgrade to v7 but update to the latest v6,

Good Luck!

PS: Sometimes it’s also the mobo BIOS and the used IDE drivers that make things worse.