Is it possible that CB missed to put some cracks on the 45th edition ???


I have cb 45 to, and with me the following games are not working
nomad soul
creatures 3
rally championship (after unpacking it wants to install but my 6 gig harddisk isn’t big enough for his 300 mb install)
delta force 2 (the install.exe file is corrupt)
is that also with you?
i would be most gratefull if you could send me the following files from the cd
from delta force 2(install.exe file)
from nomadsoul (runtime.exe)

please reply i have some nice url(xxx pasword,full warez,mp3 direct download no shit just direct download) back if you send me it


Ive send you the files,
Nomad is running OK
but the rest is the same problem…


i have got your files (see my mail)

thnx mAc