CAV,P-CAV,CLV, Z-CLV - What are they?

They have something to do with reading, writing, and rerwriting.


CAV= Constant Angular Velocity.The drive’s RPM stay constant, resulting in higher speeds at the edge of the disk compared to the the inside.

P-CAV: Partial CAV. Usually applies to burners.The drive starts out in CAV mode then at a set maximum speed maintains it for the rest of the burn.

CLV: Constant Linear Velocity. The drive adjusts its rotation speed to maintain a set burning speed as it moves towards the edge of the disk, starting at a fairly high rate of rotation and slowing down as it reaches the edge.

Z-CLV: Zoned CLV. The burner starts at a given constant linear velocity and at a predetermined point switches to a higher CLV speed (“changes gears”).


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Do cd’s read/write from the center to the edge or from the edge to the center?


:o !!! Center to edge…

Take a look at Mike Richter’s webpage, a great primer on the subject of CD recording.