Cautious about Microsoft security update KB4088875


A kind user feedback that after update Microsoft security KB4088875 (Released on March 13, 2018), Deuhd could not run. After de-install KB4088875 and restart DeUHD, it works again. To avoid more users will the same problem, I post it here.


Is this something you anticipate being able to resolve in an update, or will DeUHD no longer be usable if Windows updates are installed?


Is there any reason why people are still using DeUHD? Now that MakeMKV can decode 4K discs (for free), why would anyone pay the exorbitant cost for DeUHD, and be limited to a few discs a day?


@thinksinc - It’s still the only solution known to work with (some) official UHD drives. MakeMKV supposedly has a solution but it hasn’t been deployed yet. That, and insistence on getting one’s money’s worth, are the only reasons I can think of why anybody would continue to use DeUHD.


there are even more problems with the KB4088875 update than just with the DeUHD program:

for now, uninstall the KB4088875 update as fast as you can because it is doing more harm than good.


I have that update but its says its an Adobe Flash Player update for Windows.


Sure you aren’t misreading?

The Adobe update is KB4088785
The problematic monthly security update is KB4088875

The 7 and 8 are reversed between the two but the rest is the same.


plus the adobe flash player update (KB4088785) applies to Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 only - not Windows 7. KB4088875 is a cumulative security rollup for Windows 7 only.

Even more problems with the KB4088875 update have been discovered as noted in Microsoft support KB article 4088875 and MS has issued some small patches to fix some of the mess that Microsoft created with the KB4088875 update.