Causing frestration. Please help! BURNING DVD

I used BitComet to get a full DVD rip. Its 4.3 G. Finally i get it! I take the first .rar file and unzip. i end up with a .IMG file being the movie. I cannot find a way to make that .IMG file burn on a DVD+R and play in my home DVD Player. Can someone with some knowledge please help me out! THANKS A BUNCH!

EDIT: THIS IS MY FIRST TIME USING MY DVD burner. IVE ONLY DONE CD-R’s with it so i have no common knowledge lol.

I’m not sure what an .img file is but I did a quick search and it was sugested to change the file etention to iso. I am guessing that whatever program created it gives it own file extention of .img to a standard iso file. To tell you the truth, I have never burned dvd video from an image file, but my guess would be, change the file name extention to iso, then use a program that can burn a disk image (In nero thier is an option to burn a disk image that recognises several diffrent formats).

Just use DVD DECRYPTER to burn and make sure you set it to book type Dvd-rom if its not already. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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As PC-Guy says use DVD Decrypter ( Once installed you should be able just to right click on the file & select open with DVD Decrypter etc. Otherwise run DVD Decrypter & from the mode tab select ISO & Write. Then browse for the file in question. Even if you did as ripit suggested it’s still a good idea to get DVD Decrypter as it’s an excellent burning/ripping tool.

If your DVD Burner allows bitsetting then you should set it to DVD-ROM. This option is only available for DVD+R media & tricks DVD players into thinking that the DVD being played is a DVD-ROM not a DVD+R as some have problems with this media type.

However, what I do first is to mount the img file on a virtual drive (Daemon Tools) & view it first just as though I was play a DVD on my DVD-ROM. If it contains stuff I don’t want then I rip out just the movie with DVD Shrink & then burn the result.

There’s a lot to know about DVDs & this place is good for getting guidance.

I defanatlly agree with TimC, get a copy of dvd decryptor. Even if you don’t use it for this, it is an invaluable tool to have. One warning though. After you install dvd decryptor, (cannot remember what the default is, I think it asks you when you install), disable automatic updates. Dvd decryptor use to be one of the best tools we had, but they got shut down by macrovision, and someone corect me if I am wrong, if you go to thier site, you are going to a site controlled by macrovision. I call it the final copy (the final version of dvd decryptor avalable), the final copy is still avalable several places, just disable updates.
Beyond that, it seems like a basic image file. Follow my advice or others (thier are several ways to do it and several programs that can do it). If you are still aving problems, please list what software you have for burning (including ver if possible and or if it is an oem copy that came with a drive etc, or a retail ver that you bought).

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