Catus 1.587-8.0.0

Hi everyone,
I recently purchase a few original audio which I like a lot, but due to the fact that my job require me to travel most of the time, it is not easy for me to carry so many disc in my pack, so I tried to convert them into mp3 and save in my notebook hard disk. But I found out that all the five disc I had bought was produce by a same company and all of them is copy protected by catus 1.587-8.0.0 version, which doesn’t stop you from ripping and converting but all I get is scramble audio when I tried to play them from my hard disk.

The only option that I had now was to play the CD with Nero in analog format and use another software to record through my sound card, which is taking up too much time as I can only do 1 track at a time.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a user-friendly software which can do the above-mention automatically for th whole CD.

Thank you.

Thread moved. I think you’ll get better help here with your problem.

Try starting CDEx (a freeware ripper) then inserting the CD. The usual method of implementing protection software like that is by AutoRun. If the ripper is started first, the protection is ignored.

Thnx olyteddy, I had tried that but it is still the same.

A friend of mine who had a mac did extract the audio track from 1 of the disc with the roxio toast platinum with ease, he said that he just extract the raw audio data from the disc without the catus software. I was wondering if there is a similar software for pc?