CATS vs. Home-made scans

I just posted the article CATS vs. Home-made scans.

The idea of this article is to compare disc quality scans obtained using professional tools (AudioDev’s CATS) with the ones obtained from standard PC drives. We will also discuss about the correctness, accuracy and usefulness of these tools when it comes to disc quality measurement. Note that the comments and conclusions of this article reflect the views of CDFreaks and not the ones of AudioDev.

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Thanks for the article guys, interesting read. What I find especially interesting is that when a disc is good (or bad), CATS and the consumer drives all agree. That’s a good thing because now we know that tools like CD-DVD Speed, kProbe and PlexTools are not useless.

Well, interesting test, but you´re missing one point. There´s a reason for standards and specifications. It doesn´t matter, that there are many drives which outperforme a 1996 standard DVD ROM drive, if the one you have to use somewhere else doesn´t. It´s great, if my new burner handles even discs, which reflecting to the standard, are completly f* ->aehm

Am on low fixed income - after spending heaps of money on different brand blank media,and now have bought a Pioneer 2nd drive as Liteon is often blamed for poor media burning and 18 months of researching this subject on the Net, have no faith in DVD technology at all. Feel that manufacturers are not doing the R&D, but rather foisting incompetent and unreliable technology onto the buying public - I have decided against going hard drive or Disc for my camcorder. Can only afford one in my lifetime, so am going backwards to DV tape. I also know many people who are so confused and have heard negative things about new technology such as unrelaibility, incompatability, and lack of longevity- no to mention that with so many avenues to go down, sales people do not know a lot anymore and conflicting sales views confuse the public even more. It is time that the retailers told the manufacturers - NO - give me products to sell that will please my constomers and I know of at least one major large shop that specialises in Entertainment systems that refuse to sell anybodies DVD recorders due to the problems aforementioned. This technology has been released too early and the manufacturers do not even know enough so their help lines are often of little help or incorrect advice. Furthermore to have your pics put onto disc at great cost (commerciallly) and then find that a few years after, some of those pics are lost with more degrading quickly over time- I htink that perhaps the old ghastly VHS tape may be better for longetivity especially with consumer copied material.

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very good software.but if you do not restrain yourself you end up with a hard disk full of junk. I bought radio tracker last year 2008. :slight_smile: and would recomend it.