Cats = Failed burns

I have not introduced myself yet, but for this post just assume my 20 years of computer experience is taken into consideration.

Recently I have been plagued with DVD burning issues. Specifically the issues are the " Power Calibration Error " and unable to erase RW disks.

I have 3 burners on my system and all are experiencing the same issue. 1 is PATA, 1 is SATA and one is USB. Samsung, Pioneer, and LG in that order.

I recently took apart both of my internal drives to clean them out because using a qtip and compressed air did not fix the problems. Well I found my problem. Apparently the CAT litter over the last year has been creating layers of dust so fine that it took force to remove. I cleaned the lens several times before I was sure it was clean. This dust does not remove easily, and I don’t know what the litter is made from but it’s almost like the humidity in the air turned the cat litter dust into cement. The drive was caked with this stuff. Not only was there dust in the drive but on closer inspection there was this dust/powder on every DVD in my COVERED stacks.

I also have a DVD Recorder in my home entertainment system that will still write on new DVD -r but will no longer record on -RAM, -DL, +R disks.

So after months of searching this forum and Google for a fix to my “ Power Calibration Error “ It was my stupid cat’s toilet located in the OTHER room.( 4 cats 3 litter boxes.)

I don’t know how I am going to prevent this happening in the future short giving the cats the hard boot. I was able to burn about 5 DVDs after cleaning the drive but it failed again about a week later. Recently I have replaced my home furnace filter with a higher grade filter and that has cut down on the normal dust issues in my house but the cat litter dust is still a problem. I tried low dust cat litter but that actually was worse because the dust is still there but it is just smaller (finer particles).

BTW, I hate cats but my wife had them before we got married.

Maybe my issue is unique and irrelevant but I wanted to share my findings, because I see so many people with this issue maybe some of them have cats.

You can assume electronics repair to component level for years here too. I have had at least two cats (sometimes three) for the last 30 years and have never had this problem. You may want to try “Cats pride” and pour it from above a foot above the litter box instead of over your head. This will eliminate any dust. You can also spray the air over it with a fine mist of water and the negative charge will bring the dust down. Cats are rarely the problem but their car and maintenance can be. They really take care of themselves.

This has merit. My sister has had cats for 39 yrs (and knows how to care for them) and has constantly had a variety of problems, both electronic and electrical (switches, relays, ect.) but we had never really looked into the problem, just thought she was hard on things. Her TV’s seem to die far faster, she had to keep replacing her VCR’s, now-a-days she has had to replace the DVD players 3 times in the last 4 yrs, and most recently she received a Dell 17" lcd monitor the same time I, and my parents got theirs, (bought all 3 at same time) and its acting up, ours are not. Now I am not a cat lover nor do I hate cats. For me, they were just another animal on the farm, but if you have them in your house, and you seem to have to replace things at a faster pace that everyone around you then perhaps you should consider 86-ing the cats, (put them outside, I mean):cool:

I have forced air heating and use a really expensive filtration system as my son has allergies. (He is more affected when the wind blows outside and mold allergies). If you have baseboard heating (like I did before I purchased a house) you may have more trouble with dust as it has no where to go. Just a thought. I also put HEPA filters on ever air register in the house, intake and exhausts to catch everything. Dust does hold a static charge and static discharges can many exponential in the voltage when they discharge in comparison to the voltage of I.C.'s.

Use large grain sand instead of kitty litter? :slight_smile:

Try switching your type of kitty litter, most kitty litters are made from clay and are naturally very dusty. ‘Yesterdays news’ is made from recycled newspapers and I found it at my local grocery store and pet store. ‘SwheatScoop’ is made from wheat and available at Petsmart. There is one made from corn available online. “Feline Pine” (and its copycats) is made from pine and I found it at Wal-mart and several pet stores. This is what I use and have used for 3-4 years. These products all promise to be dust free, one of these and then a covered litter box might go a long to fixing your problem (easier on the marriage too). I have had a computer for 3 years and have a large collection of homemade movies.
Good Luck.