Catching events in vc++ 6


I trying to use NeroCOM with visual C++ 6 to burn a CD. I’m able to burn a CD but I can’t find how to catch COM events. Anyone could give me a small example showing how to catch COM events in c++.


One would expect you to use straight NeroAPI in C++, but of course using NeroCOM is ok too.

In order to catch events you need to implement one of _INeroXXX interfaces (the ones that contain event methods of your interest) and subscribe to the event provider using the standard connection points mechanism. If you are using ATL, you might just use AtlAdvise/AtlUnadvise to assist you in the process.

If you are unfamiliar with the connection points mechanism, you should read the documentation in the MSDN (or some book) and/or study the source of ATL’s AtlAdvise.

I think Nero should provide with the SDK a sample equivalent to the ‘NeroFiddlesCOM’ sample but written in c++.

Anyway, I will look at AtlAdvise and when it will work I will post it here if someone else needs it.

Thanks for your help