Catch 22 I think?

:cool:Hi everyone :cool:
sorry for the rushed previous question! had to dash!
love the forum have watched and read for a while now
but only joined today.
don’t suppose I will post a lot because I usually what I’m
looking for if I read the posts

my problem is:-
I have a psx boot disk to allow me to play my backups
only thing is it gets put in and out more than the backups
themselves and is getting quite scratched so as I said this may be a catch 22 but I want to try and backup this disk. now I know the backup would be on a cdr and my psone wont read cdr without the boot disk placed in first.
see my prob!!!
any help at all would be most appreciated

ps would physical hiding the atip work if it was poss. and HOW??

It is indeed a catch-22. The ATIP is indestructible without destroying the original data (note that this is not technically true, just almost technically true).

The only way to play the boot disc is to have another boot-disc, or a modchip. But this defeats the purpose of having a boot-disc, doesn’t it?

thanks for replying SirDavidGuy
next question
destroy it …NO
hide it…???
is it possible?

Well yes, you can hide it with embedded software, but again, you would need a bootable disc to hide it.

It’s really a moot point, since the PSX doesn’t rely on ATIP checking for copy-protection. It relies on Boot Sector Protection.

Well I have come to the conclusion that the Boot Sector Protection is not relied upon SubChannel data nor bad sectors/ECC data. I know this because I compared with HexEditors, CDR-Win, etc…

So the CD-Rom can’t read it or it is ATIP. I very strongly believe it is ATIP!

:confused: guy’s I tried to mask the atip with a marker pen until my cdrw went crazy looking for it
then I put the disk in my dvdrom and it saw the psx prog immediately so!!! I guess I physically hid the atip but still it did not work tough sh*t I guess:(