Catalogue of 10,000 tracks



Hi guys,

If anyone in this world can help me with this i’ll be extremely grateful.

I have been DJing for many years now & I DJ on my laptop but I want to go back to CD’s.
The problem I have is that I need to burn 10,000 tracks worth of music which I know is a hell of a lot!

I need some sort of software which will burn the 10,000 tracks from one folder. I need them to be Audio files NOT MP3’s.

I’m guessing i can fit between 10 & 20 tracks on 80min CD’s obviously depending on the length of the tracks.

I want the software burn each CD hastle free, ie. so it knows how many tracks to fit on each disk so i don’t waste space.

I was thinking of some sort of printed catalogue so I look through te book & the songs are listed in alphabetical order with disk & track numbers next to each song. I obviously don’t want to type the artist & title of each track so the software needs to be able to read the id3 tags.

I know it’s a longshot, I like the thought of having ALL my music on me for each gig, I guess i’m just used to it by now lol.

Please please help!!!

DJ Spark :cool: