Cat survives 19 days with jar on head

Story here

Wow one tuffy fluffy!

Good the cat survived its own stupidity. :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Quema34;1944558]Good the cat survived its own stupidity. :p[/QUOTE]

Pfffft :stuck_out_tongue:

Curiosity didn’t kill the kitty, yay! :bigsmile:

I knew it…Hollywood is a BAD influence…


Gives a new meaning to having your head in a jar with a bunch of nuts! LOL 8 lives left.

Now if only it was legal to do the same to fat people … then we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic …

Fat dude walks up to the maccas counter & orders 15 big mac supersize meals … and diet coke … and then bam … he’s been JARRED!

They can make a reality TV series out of it, or something :stuck_out_tongue:

now now don’t pick on fat people they might get upset.